Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Stairwell Before

So remember this post from the other week? I thought I'd go back in time and do a little reminiscing about what that part of our house used to look like. Are you ready? I don't know that you are, but here goes anyway :) .....

AAAAAAAAHHHHHH! Holy pink carpet Batman!!!!

Pure hideousness!! So last year around Christmas, knowing that there was hardwood underneath (yes, even the first level's floor was covered in this monstrosity and you can see above where we'd already taken that up) I went to town on these steps, slowly erasing the last trace of the evil pink monster :)

In the photo above you can see the weapons of choice one would use to kill a pink monster, should you ever be so unfortunate as to encounter one yourself - but I sure hope you never do!

10 steps, 1 landing, a gajillion staples and 1 bad backache later, it's okay - I'm better now :), I had this!

And this!

Let's take a little bird's eye view of the landing, shall we? We shall:

Aaaah, that's better. Hello beautiful wood, goodbye fugly pink carpet.

Also, since the slaying of the pink ogre (which was nowhere NEAR as nice as Shrek!) I've painted the facing of each step and the side moulding in semi-gloss white to give it nice contrast and a classic, traditional look.

Here's a before and after, side-by-side. The after photo is one I took of my pumpkins for Halloween this past October:

 What a difference, right???!!!!!! I'm in luuuuuuuuuuve :)  Oh, and my pumpkins now say 'Thankful'. The 'Halloween' and 'Thankful' pumpkin idea is one I found on another blog earlier in the year and I knew I HAD to copy. I love blogland - I find such inspiration there every day.

So that's the story of how one ugly and worn pink carpet was laid to rest, making me one happy girl...and my husband too...a happy boy, that is :) 

The End.

p.s. Installing pink carpet in anyone's home should be a federal crime.

p.s.s. Stay tuned for an upcoming project once again involving the stairwell (yes, I'm going to beat this portion of our house into shape once and for all) and it may or may not - ok it definitely will- have something to do with this:

Can't wait!!! Til then, have a great day!



  1. Wow! I love it now. Glad you could get rid of that pink carpet.

  2. i love that re-do. I have carpet on my stairs, though it isnt pink I still hate the dickens out of it. Its such a pain to vaccum on stairs! I want to rip ours off too, but husband says no as he feels it would make the stairs to slippery for our child to go up and down. Have you found the hardwood to be problematic underfoot on the stairs?

  3. oh wow those look terrific!

  4. Looks GREAT! I also covet the Modern Family staircase!! :)

  5. Thanks Sarah! As for the slip factor, I've found that they're really not bad and our dog doesn't have an issue with them - we don't have any kiddos yet so I can't say for sure how safe they'd be for you. I'd say barefoot, no prob; in socks, be careful. Good luck if you tackle the project!!


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