Monday, April 11, 2011

Sun(less)room Turned Porch!

After we put in our fence, the next project on our DIY list was to revamp this walled-in sunroom. For being a 'sunroom' it hardly let any sunlight in at all, as well as hardly any fresh air so in the summer it was absolutely stifling.

So hubby and I set out to make it a porch instead. We took off the glass shades and screens, and then ripped off the aluminum doors and paneling. Here's everything we took off, in a big pile ready to be recycled:

We took it all to a local metal recycling place and were surprised at the cash amount we received for the aluminu. We're glad we did that (for both our planet and our wallet), as opposed to just chucking it. See, recycling pays - litterally! :)

And here's the result of the demo:

Much more open and inviting! :)

Mike had been working out in this space (see his weight bench set?) So he moved it to the basement and set up his workout space there.

Here's the before and after, one more time:

The next thing on our list was to make this porch a place to eat, entertain and relax outside. More on that to come later, but here's a sneak peak...

Happy Monday!


  1. Wow - I'm honestly impressed. :-)

  2. Yeah, at first look, it didn't look like a sunroom. I thought it was a storage area, LOL. I love it, Amy! It was a good call to change it into a porch instead. Now, you can use it for a bigger variety of activities. It looks fit to be a hang out place, you know. Btw, I have to commend your creativity and DIY skills. I'm looking forward to your next project!


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