Thursday, July 21, 2011

Yikes, Stripes!

Anyone remember that old commercial for Fruit Stripe gum that went, "Yikes, Stripes! Fruit Stripe gum!" ?

image found here

Haha, oh how I miss those days! Well, I finally jumped on the stripes-in-decor bandwagon and it totally got me thinking of that old commercial and gum :)

Although, my stripes aren't as colorful as the gum. I went for a more muted stripe effect on something in our master bedroom:

The shades on our wall-mounted sconces (I finally installed them and checked that to-do off my master bedroom list!).

It's hard to tell in the photo above and below, but the shades were a deep gold color - too gold for my tastes and they didn't really vibe well with the rest of the room. They definitely stuck out like a sore thumb.

I wanted to lighten them up and add some pizazz...So I whipped out my roll of frog tape and wrapped strips of it around the shade:

(here you can tell better how gold in color the shades were in real life)
 No measuring folks, I just eye-balled it getting each stripe's width about the same size. With other projects I'm sometimes more meticulous, but for this one I just felt like winging it, dagnabbit :)
Then I painted the exposed sections with 2 coats of the same antique white craft paint I used in my oar project...

and this is wat it looked like after the second coat:

Before the paint dried I began pulling the painter's tape off...

And voila!

Then I did the second one so I ended up with the same finished product:

Here they are, back on the sconces above the bed:

I love it!

This project was FREE (the best kind!) AND I'm swooning over how it matches so nicely with the rest of the colors and decor in the room, especially the bedding.

So that's me...finally jumping on the stripe decor bandwagon oh, about 2 years into the trend, haha!...Oh well, it feels good!

Anyone else just now getting into the stripes-in-decor trend? Don't worry - you obviously aren't the only one ;) And hey, you know the saying...better late than never! :)


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