Thursday, November 1, 2012

She's Baaaaaack!

Ho-ly SMOKES! It's been a minute since I last posted...May 3rd, to be exact. Nearly 6 months ago - that's half a year folks! But you see, there's a perfectly good explanation for my hiatus...that reason would be this guy:

Our beautiful, precious and perfect son, Grayson.

Get ready for a plethora of Baby Gray photos. You've been warned :) ....


Of course, since it has been 5 months since this little guy finally arrived in June (10 days past his due date!), he looks a little more like this now:

But it feels like this was just yesterday:


Since then, there's been a lot of this:

...and this:
...and this:

...and staring at these:

...and of course practicing rolling over and tummy time!

Grayson, we love you more than words can say and you've made our lives the most joyful they've ever been...and it's only the beginning! :)
Now that my haven't-blogged-in-6-months streak has been broken, I plan on posting more here and there. It won't be a daily thing, but I will try to make it a weekly hobby - I've missed it and am now ready to get back to writing about fun stuff concerning house and home...and the people in it! :)

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