Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Master Bedroom To-do List

When a new-to-me blog called Nesting Place posted her finished pics of her master bedroom, I finally realized what was wrong my my master bedroom: everything! I had wanted something cool, yet warm enough to be inviting and instead when I painted I ended up with this:

and this

that I now want to change exactly to this:

I've already moved our bed in between two windows on this wall here, in place of this tall dresser:

(there's a window to the left of the dresser that isn't in the photo)

So here's an official to-do list of the changes I want to make to our room to get it closer to my inspiration:

1- Paint our walls greige (a beige gray)
2- Paint these spindles on our bed ORB, and the wood parts distressed white.

3- Throw in a white 5x7 rug we currently have in an unused bedroom
4- Find a cool chair for the right corner of the bedroom
5- Find a craigslist dresser and tall wardrobe/armoire to make over
6- Make a starburst mirror similar to the Nester's 
7- Mount our TV to our wall over future dresser (which will be opposite the bed) and create frame for it (so it looks more like a pice of art) Something like this:     
image 2176774718-1

8- Bleach the canvas drop cloth curtains a little lighter
9- Hang these JCP lights on either side of the bed (already ordered and got them at a fanTASTIC price!! :)
Linden Street Adjustable Bridge Wall Lamp
10- Move these current furniture pieces (my childhood furniture, and thus waaaaaay to small to store both mine and my husband's clothing - which is why I'm on the lookout for a Craigslist dresser and armoire) into a spare bedroom/future kid's bedreoom:
See how short in length our dresser is? I need something twice this size that's long and lucisous, similar to something like this that I'll paint white and distress:
11- Bring up end tables currently not being used downstairs and use them as nightstands 
12- Eventually re-finish the hardwood floors (in the rest of the house too) that are currently speckled orange and stain them a dark, rich, mocha.

Let's see, I think that's about it for the basic to-dos. I'm going to keep some of the pillows I currently have that will go with the future color/decorating scheme, like these cute button throw pillows:
Found these at K-mart last year!

I'll let you know how my progess goes with updates along the way. Til then, I'll be in my bedroom dreaming of this :)

Happy Tuesday!

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