Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Shine a little light

It's a gloomy, damp, wintry day here and I thought I'd do a quick post on something that will brighten up the day a bit - or at least in my mind it makes it a bit brighter :)

Not too long ago my husband and I swapped out the dining room ceiling fan for something more dining roomesque and less fanny :) Also, prior to the light fixture project here is the hideous interesting wall paper that we inherited with the purchase of our home:

It was Fall and we'd just moved in and scrambled to try to make the place feel like ours before our wedding day which came the week after we were in. In hindsight though, looking at this photo it just felt cluttered. Well, and that pink and blue striped wallpaper didn't help :/ haha!

Here are a few close-ups of the ceiling fan:

And here's a view of the right corner of the dining room. It has a beautiful built-in but the mirrors in the background were too dated and not to my liking:

Mirrors are supposed to help a space feel bigger, but in this case it just felt like a fun house because the back of the built-in is shaped like an inverted V and the reflections were just wonky :/

The mirrors are out now (note to self: post pics of mirrorless built-in) and so is the ceiling fan. We purchased this light from Home Depot for around $40 if I recall correctly:

And with the pink and blue wallpaper gone (Great job hubs!! - he scraped it off the whole room with a razor blade!!) and a nice neutral paint color above the chair rail, it's a much nicer dining room now - at least I think so! :)

This cool trunk is to the left of the hutch. It was my grandparents and we found a ton of them out in their barn!

So to recap,

 we went from this...                               to this!

I like it mucho better. And next on the list? swapping out those aluminum blinds you see in the above pic for some faux wooden blinds. I've already replaced the set in the living room's front window and LOOOOOOOOOOVE em! :) Til next time!

Happy Wednesday!

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