Friday, February 25, 2011

My hobby is affecting my sleep

I couldn't sleep last night. I was having dreams and visions of craft ideas and future projects running through my head - crazy, for some of you to imagine I'm sure, but not so crazy for those who share the same excitement as I do for this hobby of mine. On top of that, the day's events and other everday details just kept running through my head (nothing at all super exciting either, just hum drum stuff).

I just couldn't shut my mind off, get comfortable and fall asleep. Ever have that problem where you're tired but because your mind is racing there's little actual shut-eye?

It took forever for me to even fall asleep at first, then I was tossing and turning and finally got out of bed a little after 4am due to a growling stomach. Apparently, when I'm normally sleeping at that hour, I don't know how hungry I actually am :)  So I snuck downstairs quietly...well, as quiet as one can be on old creaky hardwood floors and steps - plus the dog probably gave me away, what with his incessant jumping off and on the bed to see what mamma's up to (I wonder why doesn't he do that when Mike gets outta bed?).

Anyway, all that to say I probably woke Mike up anyway, but I went downstairs, made some toast, and watched the end of an old "Who's the Boss" episode. It was the one where Mona meets a younger man when she goes back to college and they start dating. Angela finds out, is appalled, but then comes around to supporting her mom's happiness. Aaaah, a time when there was no term 'cougar' or the show Cougartown - those were the days. I don't care for that word, btw. An older man dating a younger woman isn't called a mean-old cat name. No, he's a Sugardaddy or some sweet-themed name. Very unfair gender labels if you ask me. But you didn't ask me! haha, wow I'm rambling. Okay, so that's what lack of sleep does to me - sorry :/

ANYWHO! What I'm trying to get at - yes, I have a point - is that THIS was the culprit that started my evening off to a bad night's sleep:

A couple friend of ours was getting rid of this solid wood dresser (photo of it above from their spare bedroom) and asked if I'd be interested in it - uhhhh HELLZ to the YEAH! Free furniture to rehab with paint and love? Giveittomenow!

See, I looked beyond the in-your-face-like-mace blue (sorry Carolyn, I know you liked the color!) and saw a vision for Mike's and my new master bedroom dresser I've been on the hunt for since I mentioned it an earlier post here.

Once I get done with her, here's what she's hopefully going to closely resemble:

dresser photo found here

I want to lose the mirror, paint the body of the dresser an antique white with a glaze treatment, and stain the top a chocolately brown. Can you picture it?

So that's what's on my agenda for the weekend if it's not too cold outside. I'll be in the garage sanding this beauty and getting started on her makeover. A HUGE thank you - THANK YOU - to Carolyn and Jon for their generousity and thoughtfulness in gifting us this furniture piece. They are aware of my furniture finishing addiction and were glad to supply me with my next victim candidate :)

So, anyone else a weirdo like me when it comes to losing sleep over daydreams? :) Any other Who's the Boss fans? LOVE 80s shows!

Here's to our hobbies and *hopefully* getting a better night's sleep!

Happy Friday everyone and have a great weekend!!


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