Friday, June 3, 2011

Feeling Campy

*Warning: all photos in the post were taken with our phones and therefore stink in the quality department :)

Well we did it. We finally made good use of one of our wedding presents we received way back in 2009 - our camping tent! :) We finally pitched our tent (unless you count putting it up in our backyard for one night 2 summers ago) and camped for a weekend in Gifford Pinchot State Park.

The first night we had rain, but it was no biggie. We got cozy in the the tent and played quiz games (cuz we're nerds like that. We even brought Winston and he loved it! He was a GREAT camper :)

Here, you might think we were telling ghost stories, what with the darkness and mood lighting creating scary dark circles under my eyes. You might think that, but you'd be wrong cuz that's just how I look with poor lighting and a crappy camera phone :)

Jeez, winston looks better than I do in that pic, haha. Oh and speaking of Winston, look at the strapping fella now, saddled up with his hiking pack and all :)

We we went for a hike each of the two days we were there. Well, the first day was more like a walk on a gravel trail. The second day was definitely a hike through the woods along a mountain trail. At times that trail was so muddy and water-logged that we thought we might have to turn back. But we perservered and made it the whole distance. You should've seen us coming out of the woods back into the campground's main entrance all muddy and tired and breathing heavy (the breathing heavy was probably just me)...I'm sure it looked like something out of Deliverance :) 

And when we were just chillin out at the campsite, since Winston thinks he's a lap dog, he was sure to see that his curling up on the couch was not infringed upon. Case in point:

What a strange dog! Gotta love him...and that cute guy holding him ;)

Hope you're Memorial Day weekend was great and here's looking forward to the weekend ahead. Happy Friday all!


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