Monday, December 19, 2011

Laundry, CHECK!...Tile, CHECK!

We are continuing to check off items from our rec room's renovation list! HOOOORAY!

Newly completed: the new washer/dryer are installed! Here's an in-progress photo of how that went down :)

Mike and our contractor (also named Mike!) did the heavy lifting, and since we stacked the units, there was definitely some lifting involved...and some gymnastics!...

That's Contractor Mike, showing off his best side and his ability to cram himself into tight spaces, haha.

See, since the washer and dryer fit snug in the built-in closet, the water lines, electric and dryer vent needed to be hooked up before doing the stacking. Luckily our hoses and lines were long enough to do that, but Contractor Mike ended up in this precarious position just to make sure the dryer hose wasn't squished and everything was still attached and properly in place.

Thanks Mike for being a good sport and making sure all was set up perfectly!

Here are the beauties all their exquisite, high-efficiency glory :)

Since we moved the laundry from the basement to this first floor closet, we could no longer use our old Maytag top-load washer and dryer because the room lacked the horizontal space. But since we raised the ceiling in this room, we gained the vertical space making stacked laundry a great option!

We bought this Whirlpool Duet set back in August from Lowes when they ran a buy-both-for-$898-deal. And what a deal that was! They're normally $699 EACH! We just Craigslisted our old Maytag washer and dryer for $250, which brought the actual cost of the new set down to just under $650 - an AMAZING bargain when you realize it could've cost us $1400! Essentially, it was like one of the units was free, like a buy-1-get-1 deal. I love BOGO's :)

Another checked-off item on our reno list: Tile in the entryway:

We went with a brick-pattern layout. I like the staggered look because I think it keeps your eye moving and it doesn't get stuck like it might with a traditional pattern:

We used this one-step product to seal the grout lines:

Mike did two coats to ensure it's protected from stains and such. I had no part of this project, since I (and the jellybean) steered clear of the fumes :)

Slooooowly but surely we are making headway in this room. As for the carpet on the rest of the floor, we're still waiting to hear back from the carpet guys on when they can do the installation. We're thinking it probably won't happen til after New Year's.

So whattcha think? Anyone else lay tile or carpet lately? Or convert their laundry to high-efficiency or stacked units? Do you agree with me when I say how much I actually ENJOY doing laundry now?! :)

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