Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Light Fixtures and Painted Trim & Doors

With the ceiling painted, the recessed can lights are now fully installed along with the center schoolhouse-style pendant light.

The cool thing is we already had the pendant light from a previous purchase. We were going to use it in the kitchen over the sink, but because of the overhead soffit that's there, it hung too low. So we bought a shorter light for that task and used this one for the rec room.

I love how it looks with the recessed lighting. We considered going with all recessed lights, but I've always thought that sometimes that can make a room seem a bit sterile and not so warm and cozy.

Since this room's purpose is to multitask (as office, future kid's play area, laundry room, and powder room), it was important to me to try and make this space functional, yet warm and inviting. With the ceiling raised a foot higher than normal, I think this drop-down light fits the bill perfectly.

The other weekend I got around to painting all the trim around the windows and doors:

The trim was pre-primed so all I had to do was fill the nail holes and a few gaps with caulk. Then I sanded and painted it semi-gloss white. 

Since the laundry closet and powder room doors weren't painted and came in an off-white/beige color, I gave them a paint job. I thought about putting 'before paint' and 'after paint' labels on this next photo but I think it's pretty obvious already :)

Mike took the doors off the hinges so I could paint flush with that edge of the doors. When 2 coats of that dried we re-hung them and I went to town with the rest of the paint.

 Here was my arsenal of paint supplies I used for this project:

1-semi-gloss paint (same I used for all the trim) and paint tray
2-handy, dandy paint can opener
3-Purdy 2" angled brush
4-small foam roller for cabinets and doors

I already had all of these items from prior projects (for example, the brush and roller were used to paint our kitchen cabinets last year) so this didn't cost me a dime to complete.

First I taped off around the handles - they'd already been installed and I didn't feel like taking them off and re-installing them again. I made sure they were protected from any paint by also wrapping and taping a paper towel around them . Don't wanna mess up they're pretty ORB finish, now do we?! :)

Then I used the brush to paint on a thin coat around the handles and along each of the square and rectangular insets:

Looks crazy, right? Haha, I thought so anyway...until I used the foam roller on the rest of the door's flat surfaces. Here's the finished product after the first coat was done and the second coat was drying:

MUCH better! :) And when the tape & paper towels around the handles came off it looked spectacular!

At least, in my book, clean paint lines qualify as spectaular...I probably have a low threshold for what I consider to be spectaular though. But that's ok...I'd even say that's spectacular! :)

I have lots more cool pics coming up in my next posts. Tile has been laid at the entryway and we've ordered the carpet for the rest of the room!

Next up on the to-do list: paint the walls, stain/poly the stairs at the new pass-through, and cut & install baseboard throughout.

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