Thursday, December 8, 2011

Steppin up!

The steps are in at the new pass-through! But before I show you those pics I'd like to show you pics of some other progress that's coming along in the rec room of Casa de Storm.

The ceiling has been primed and painted:

We used Olympic primer and a really nice ceiling paint (I really wish I could remember the brand! :/ ). We did one coat primer, two coats paint and ended up with a great finish:

Here's the ceiling in the bathroom (that's the light/fan box partly installed):

And since it's such a small space, I went ahead and primed the walls in the bathroom too. You can just barely see in the top right of the pic below that the brick is two different colors. The top of it got primed (since we raised the ceiling that had been unpainted brick) while the bottom was previously painted from the room's first mini facelift.

The bathroom floor has been smoothed out with floor leveler:

When the plumbers dug into the concrete to lay the new bathroom drain and then poured new concrete around it to fill it back in, it caused the rest of the bathroom floor to be a bit uneven. Nothing our contractor couldn't easily fix. Next up was laying the tile!

Here's a closeup:

I love it!

The laundry closet was also tiled and is ready for grout:

And the wall is now complete with all the necessary washer and dryer hook-ups:

That big silver box is where the dryer hose hooks up to vent (into ductwork that runs to the exterior side of the house); the black electrical outlet is for the four-pronged dryer plug; the white box on the bottom left is where the washer hose drains; the box next to it is the water lines for hot and cold; and the regular white outlet is for the washer's electrical plug.

And finally, the pass-through steps are in! Here are two halfway-done shots:

that cardboard is there to deter Winston from running through the unfinished area.

And the finished product:

I laid cloths on the treads so we don't damage them before it's time to stain and poly. The facing of the steps (the vertical parts) will be painted white to match the staircase they connect to just through the doorway on the right:

I'm so excited to finally see this room coming back together!

Still to come: our new washer and dryer delivery/install, finish off the lighting, install bathroom sink and toilet, caulk and paint all the trim work around the windows and doors, prime and paint the walls, paint the closet/bathroom doors, tile the entryway by the french doors, carpet the the rest of the floor, and add & paint baseboard. Phew! We're getting there!


  1. We used that self-leveling floor stuff in our bathroom reno as well! It's so neat. Our flooring guy had measured before the floor was fixed and he had the worst attitude about it (we'll just see what we end up with. hope this quote isn't a waste. I expect you're going to need to tear this subflooring up.). One day later the floors were level and I was laughing while the floor installer stood there marveling. :)

  2. Isn't it crazy the stuff that exists to make our projects (and lives!) so much easier?! I had never heard of the product before this, haha.
    Hope the rest of your bathroom reno went smoothly- pun intended! ;)


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