Monday, August 29, 2011


As promised in my last post, today you'll get a view into our rec room's half-bath.

Take a look at my loo:

Ugh! Pure hideousness, no?

Need more evidence of said hideousness? No problem:

Yes, that's a glass block window...

And yes, you can see who's using the toilet while standing in the kitchen...or who's in the kitchen while using the toilet.

One scenario is more embarrassing than the other...and I think you're smart enough to figure out which one that is :)

Oh yeah, and this bathroom is CA-RAZY small so it's difficult to take photos of.

I can't easily fix the size, but to remedy the extreme invasion of privacy and hideousness galore I painted over the glass, along with the walls (paneling and brick), with the same paint and color I used in the rec room - pictured below and discussed in this post.

After the paint, this...                                              looked like this:

  and this...                                                             looked this this:

Okay, now we were getting somewhere.

After painting, removing the green medicine cabinet (that was chucked prior to me taking 'before' pictures), and hiding the hole with a perfectly sized mirror, this wall...

...turned into this:

O to the K! Now we're cookin with gas!

Next on the agenda was to replace the light fixture. For a looooong time it looked like this: Sad and missing a bulb.

I checked out Lowe's outdoor lighting section (which, did you know, has fixtures at cheaper prices than indoor bathroom lighting options?!) and came home with this industrial, modern country beauty:

I'm officially IN LOVE.

Just look at the difference paint and a new mirror and light fixture made to this space!

BEFORE                                        AFTER

Then I put all the essentials back in the room; a hand towel, extra toilet paper, and some accessories - cuz let's face it - decor is essential in the bathroom :)

Here comes an AFTER photo shoot!

So that's the rec room bathroom's overhaul...What do you think? A little less hideous and a lot more private, no? :)

Anyone else make over a half bath/powder room recently? What about a project that created more privacy in a space? 

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