Monday, August 15, 2011

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

They say to let sleeping dogs lie...I say take photo shoots with them...observe :)

Awww, just look at him. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

Why, what soft, floppy ears you have winston.

What sleepy eyes you have too.

Cold, wet nose? Check.

What's that? You're catching on to my photo shoot, huh. I'm sorry, is my flash bothering you? :)

"Dad! Save me from this crazy woman so I can sleep in peace!"

"Oh I see how it is, you're in cahoots with her :/ "

This post brought to you by People Who Love To Have Cuddlefests With Their Sleeping Dogs.


  1. adorable....i love following people who have alot love for there pets means they are good people!!

  2. Thanks Chris, and thanks for following! Winston is definitely a loved member of our family! :)

  3. The little guy looks a tad alarmed when you snuck into the picture... just sayin... :)


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