Monday, August 22, 2011

Flowers, Fall, and Footprints

A few little tidbits for you here today:
I had a birthday earlier this month. It wasn't a big one...except for the fact that this is now my last year in my twenties :)

These are the birthday flowers my hubby bought for me. Aren't they perty? 

We were at the grocery store together and he said, "Do you want some flowers for your birthday?" and I said, "Uh, yeah!" and he said, "Ok, pick your favorites." Haha. So I chose purple, green and white.


On a flower-related note, I read Thrifty Decor Chick's Crazy for Fall post last week and can I just say, I am right there with her! I LOVE me some Fall! It's my favorite season, you know.

So like Sarah said, since nothing says "It's late Summer and Fall will be here soooon!" like some beautiful sunflowers, I picked me up some :)

Just think - soon we'll have pumpkins and apple cider and crisp, cool air - I'm definitely PSYCHED!


Yesterday, it rained so hard here that we had huge puddles in our backyard.

Huge puddles mean mud.

Mud means this happened:

Yeah. On the freshly steam-vaccumed carpet.

So Mike stepped (pun!) up and cleaned those muddy paws...

...and the paw prints out of the carpet:

Nicely done, hun! Not even a trace of the disaster that had taken place just moments before!

Thank goodness for Spot Shot...and a man who doesn't mind cleaning ;)

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