Thursday, August 18, 2011

Overdue Kitched Appliance Update

It's been 8 1/2 months since we bought and installed (and payed off thankyouverymuch!) our kitchen's upgraded stainless steel appliances. Forgive me for the looooong overdue post to share it with you...but I've just been basking in their glory this whole time - yup, still loving them 8 plus months later :)

They were our Christmas present to us from us last year :)

I'm holding out hope for a new couch (a sectional!) this Christmas but that may not happen since we've got big plans in the works for another room in our house (the rec room - more on that in a future post if/when it all goes down).

Anywho, here are some shots of our new-and-improved kitchen appliances, with a few other beauty/detail shots thrown in for good measure :)


Hubby and I keep corks from wine and champagne bottles:

One of these days we'll have enough to come up with a cool diy project using them.


And fridge:

Sorry for the smudgy goodness on the fridge doors...guess it's time to wipe it down again :) I found out a dab of olive oil on a clean, dry cloth does it in a snap!

Above the fridge we removed the cabinet doors and inside placed two baskets that hold our glass vases, pitchers and empty milk bottles (we take them back to the store and get money back each time towards our next half-gallon of milk).

We still need to paint the inside of those cabinets white to match the others.

Here's a lesser-seen angle of the kitchen, standing in the rec room doorway looking back towards the dining room:

And here's my favorite angle; the first thing you see when you walk into the room:

Remember when it looked like this?

And it's hard to believe this angle... looks like this:

Yes Kitch, (my kitchen's new nickname...yes I just nicknamed my kitchen) :) you've come a loooong way - I'm so proud of you, *sniff.

I guess this room goes to show that stretching your dollars by going DIY (we installed our tile backsplash, painted the cabinets, swapped out the sink light fixture, and clad the island in beadboard) allows you to splurge a little in other areas, such as our appliances (which we got from Lowes when they were discounted for the holidays).

Another cool thing? We did all this in less than two years. Not too shabby if I do say so myself :)

Still on the Kitchen To-Do list is replacing our dirt-magnet vinyl flooring. We're thinking a nice earth-toned 12x12 tile would be nice.

How bout y'all? Anyone finally (or almost finally) satisfied with the transformation of a room in their house? particularly a kitchen? It takes time right? Before I got into all this home-decorating/renovating stuff I thought it was a breeze to change up a room, but I've come to find a room doesn't flip with a switch. It takes time and patience and creativity for it to evolve.

Til next time!

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