Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm on Island Time


When we bought our home in 2009, it came with a poor excuse for an island. See below:

Really? Who is THAT lazy that they use the floor tile for the body of an island? I know who: our house's former owners, that's who:

The edges were so bad from being bumped or scraped or who knows what. It looked shabby, cheap, and made me CA-RA-ZY.

Along with a lot of other wrongs we've righted since moving in, this poor baby was transformed from blech, to BAM! Here's what we did.

I started by ripping off the shoe moulding around the base of the island:

(Notice I'd aready painted our cabinets white from the time the above photos were take til I started this project?)

Here's a close up of the bottom trim being removed:

Then hubby and I went to Lowes and picked up one sheet of bead board (I think it was 4ft by 8ft) and had it cut in half at the store so we could fit it in our car to take home.

Sorry for no other progress photos, but here are some juicy 'after' pics for your viewing pleasure:

We measured the 3 sides' length and height (the 4th side on the back are cabinet doors), and then made the cuts.

Then we used liquid nails on the back sides of the beadboard for extra hold, then nailed each of the three panels at the tops and bottoms. A nail gun would've been a good tool to use for that part. Instead, we did it the old fashioned way so it required a bit more patience :)

Where the corners met, if you look really close, you might be able to see the small dowel rods I glued, caulked, and painted in with the rest of the beadboard. It gives the edge a seamless transition around the side and looks just like the beading in the beadboard itself.

While we were at Lowe's for the beadboard, we picked up some nice, chunky baseboard molding to finish it off with a clean, traditional look.

 Much better, than this, right?


p.s. As I've mentioned before, we've also installed shiny new appliances so I'll have to take updated photos of them and share soon.

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  1. It's crazy that such a project can make a night and day different. Love the finished product and can't wait to see the new appliances. :-)


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