Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

Well, Spring hasn't really sprung...not outside anyway. But inside my house, it's a different story - SPRING HAS ARRIVED AT LONG LAST! haha :)

I bought a forsythia bunch at A.C. Moore when it was 50% off, costing me about $2. I put them in a crisp white vase I already had and sat it on my hubby's nightstand in our bedroom. He only uses the nightstand for his glasses and cell phone so it works perfectly.

Plus it's the first thing you see right when you walk into the room. This picture was taken from just inside the doorwary. The door to the left of the nightstand is our miniscule closet door...the closet's miniscule...not the door :) 

It's a great shot of color, and coincidentally enough, it matches perfectly with the pops of yellow in the bed's throw pillows. It's so bright and fresh!

photo taken pre-forsythia vase :)

Here's one last angle of the prettiness:

Okay, moving on to Operation Springify My Home project number two: I had to get a little craftier than just buying a bunch of prefabricated flowers for this one, but trust me, it wasn't rocket science :). I saw a cute bunch of yarn at A.C. Moore that inspired this project:

It has these darling little pom poms linked by thread. I had the idea to cut the pom poms free from the thread...

Gather a bundle of fallen twigs from the backyard...

And get out my glue gun! :)

Here's the what the progress looked like after glueing a few spring "buds" onto the twigs:

And here's the finished product in our stairwell's cut-out window:

It's the perfect height to fill that previously empty space.


So, anyone else out there jump on the Spring-Better-Get-Here-Now-Or-Else bandwagon? I'd be willing to bet I'm not the only one on it :)

Happy Thursday!!

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