Friday, March 11, 2011

Photo Finish!

Well, it wasn't a race (cuz if it was, it took me over a week to finish and that's the slowest pace for a race if I ever heard!), but the photo project for the master bedroom gallery wall is finally complete! It went from one piddly little frame like this:

 To this!

Here's a more flattering, less fuzzy (read I NEED A NEW CAMERA!) shot, but as you can see, although I did a happy dance at the end of this project, Winston was less than enthused :)

There are 19 items on this wall - I may add a small one to the middle right of the mirror for more balance and to make it an even 20 :) - and I already owned 12 of the 19 pieces. The 7 items I purchased came from A.C. Moore for a total project cost of under $20.

UNDER $20 PEOPLE!! :) For the whole project! Can I getta WOO and a HOO?!

I love me some cheap, big impact projects!

Wanna see some close-ups of a few of the photos/items on the wall? Well, how bout that, me too! ;)

(Our wedding day)

(Cuz it's the only way to dream)

This ampersand was already white when I bought it. I simply sanded the edges, nooks, and crannies, then glazed over the entire surface for a work, "loved" look. Close-up below:

I saw an idea for this in the blogosphere. I used the person's same format (an exam from the eye doctor's) but created my own saying and then printed it out. It reads "I love you, you love me, we are happy just us three"  I think it turned out so cute!

(another wedding photo *sigh* what a happy day)

Here was another great day. Before we were married, my husband and I took a trip to New York City around Christmas time. We ice skated in Central Park, then while walking through the park afterwards, we came upon a charicature artist and decided to sit down for a "portrait". Here's what the artist saw:

And I can assure you, our teeth are not that big in person, haha :)

This was on our honeymoon in Antigua. We ziplined in the rainforest canopy and the skies were GORGEOUS at dusk.

Some of my frames and other pieces were already white, but most weren't so I painted them white then sanded and glazed the edges:

I hung these plaque pictures using $1.19 (pack of 3) sawtooth hangers.

I used Mod Podge to glue the photos (which are just black and whites on regular printer paper) onto the plaque surfaces. Then I when over the entire front of the plaques - photos and all) with the Mod Podge for a sealed, sort of varnished look.

Here's a close-up of that effect:

At certain angles and lighting you see the intended streak...

and at other angles you don't.

The details on these plaques (and the ampersand) are my favorite in the whole gallery grouping.

That's all I'm sharing for now...tune in next week when I'll show you how I came up with and executed the layout. Til then, here's one more shot of the finished product. Winston's still not amused:

Wait, what's that? You are taking an interest?

Guess not. Oh well.

At least I like it! :)
Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. I am a new follower, but just wanted to say - It looks so good!! And I think Winston is so stinking cute. I have a GSP named Austin and they are pretty much the same size/shape, just colored differently. Fun!

  2. This looks so darling! I love the eye exam picture (and your dog is cute too!). Saw you featured over at Extreme Personal Measures. She just featured a Pier 1 knockoff I did at my blog Rustic Renditions... check it out if you have time. I have the same template background too (great minds think alike!)
    Thanks for sharing this really cool project!

  3. I just saw you on the DIY showoff... I LOVE the wall, especially the eye exam picture! What font did you use?

  4. Sarah-
    Thanks for becoming a follower! And if I ever got a second dog it would be a GSP! I LOVE those dogs :)

    I'll definitely check out your blog - it sounds like we just might have a lot in common! :)

    Thanks! The eye exam font is Rockwell and the sizes from largest line to smallest are: 110, 72, 48, 36, 28, 20, 14, and 10. Have fun if you make your own!


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