Tuesday, March 8, 2011

more bedroom updates

Not to beat a dead horse or anything (ugh, that's a horrible saying), but I have a few more updates for you on changes in the master bedroom. See the framed poem below?

It's going to join several other various-sized frames on this great expanse of a nekked wall here:

I've painted all the extra frames I had around the house that weren't being used a shade of white and distressed them a bit. I picked up a few other photo frame-ish items at A.C. Moore and printed all the photos I'm going to use. Now I just need to figure out a configuration for all of them. This is my inspiration photo for what I have in mind for our bedroom wall:

Kasey Buick's family photo wall

So go ahead and picture something like that here:

Photos to come after I've broken out the hammer and nails :)

On an organizing note, I mentioned in my last post that I needed to scale down re-do how I organize my getting ready essentials like perfume, hairbands, chapstick, lip gloss, etc. and I think I came up with a pretty good solution for it all. I used baskets and other items I already had in the house. These are all close-ups though. I forgot to take a picture of the whole shebang (duh Amy) so unfortunately you won't be able to see it all looking cohesive and neatly organized together :(

This is an apothecary jar from Target. I bought two over a year ago for our bathroom planning to put cotton balls and Q-tips in them. I ended up only using one for cotton balls and had this extra one sitting around, so I used it to hold all my lip stuff:

My lips get chapped easily, hence the plethora of chapstick :)

Below is a dark brown woven basket I used to wrangle all the smell-goods (i.e. purfume, body splash, and scented lotion), of which I have many. Some may say too many, and I'd probably agree. BUT I don't ever buy them, they're always gifts for birthdays or Christmases and I don't use them fast enough by the time the next holiday rolls around so they accumulate like such.

I don't mind though, cuz it means I have just about any scent for whatever mood I may be in that day :)

I don't remember where I found this cute little ruler tray, but I used it for hold all my loose hairbands, bobby pins, safety pins, and those neat little bra clips that hide your straps in certain tank tops - greatest invention ever! Well, besides electricity, of course ;)

The other basket behind the tray holds my deodorant, unscented lotions, and other miscellaneous what-nots.

And oh yeah, below is the rug on the right side of the bed that I never showed you in my last post:

It was in an extra bedroom, which hardly ever gets used, so into our bedroom it came. It works well and feels nice underfoot getting out of bed first thing in the morning.  We just need to get a rug pad for under it so it won't move around when Winston uses it as a tarmac for flying onto the bed :)

That's my boy :)

Happy Tuesday all!


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