Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Clamp-its

The Clamp-its came to visit the Storm residence this past week. Nope, not these guys...

The Clampetts (photo from here)

These guys...

I bought a craigslist dining room table and chairs back in, oh, I don't know, January? December? Anyway, it was winter and that was just pure torture for me to know it was sitting out in our garage all this time waiting for me to refinish it, but it was too cold for me to work on it. Cue Springtime :)  The first day of warm weather we had I went ran fled to the garage to begin this table's transformation. So again, because I was as anxious as a kid on a carnival ride I took no true 'before' photos.

See the canvas-draped thing the table from this post is sitting on?

Yep, that's the craigslist dining table and that's the only 'before' photo I have of it, LOL! :)

Miss Mustard Seed's table and chairs were acutally my inspiration for finding a dining set to refinish. Here's what her set looked like before, and it's pretty spot on as far as what my set looks like - so go ahead and imagine my before shots looking like this :)

(MMS's dining room table 'before' photo from here)

I DO have progress photos I'll share with you now. First, let's bring you up to speed on what's been done already.

I painted the legs and apron my favorite heirloom white and distressed and glazed them. When I bought the set, the table's (and all of the chairs') gorgeous legs were masked in a muddy looking brown paint.

But I saw the potential in this set becuase of the great bones and beautiful lines it has. And I knew white paint and a warm glaze would make the details pop.

Then, since the veneer was peeling at some edges, that's when I broke out the wood glue and clamps:

This is the state the dining table is currently in. The glue dried, the clamps have been removed, and I've begun sanding the top:

Here's a good veiw of a sanded portion of the table top next to an unsanded side (the inlay is on a diagonal meeting at the center of the table):

If the weather's nice this evening when I get home from work I'll keep on sanding. It's supposed to snow here in PA tomorrow morning! Wha? grrrrrrrrr :(  

Check back in tomorrow for some updates and a post on how I turned

                            this...                                                                               into this...


                 using only this...                                                                          and this! :)


Happy Tuesday to you!



  1. Looks GREAT! Love this post...thank you for linking up to Whassup Wednesday! Hope to see you tomorrow:)


  2. I love watching these makeovers, Ive got a few projects in the pipeline so blogland has been a great inspiration. Thanks for sharing have a great day


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