Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Whoa, is that a?...Weird.

I'll clip coupons from time to time, and as I was clipping a little while ago I came across this doozy of an ad for Life Alert. Can you see what makes this ad 'interesting'?

If you noticed the odd extremity growing from this woman's neck (that also happens to be attached to a wrist watch?) then you saw what I saw. What the....? I have no words.

I tell you what though; if I had a tumor-like finger growth in my neck, I'd probably live alone and have to have Life Alert too :)

So, do you think I should send this into Jay Leno for Headlines? I would if I wasn't a loyal Team Coco fan. And yes, I made that url link orange on purpose :)

Go Team Coco! :)

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