Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Remember in this post of yore after constructing and painting the board and batten in my upstairs hallway, I mentioned wanting to find the perfect round mirror to hang centered between the sconces? No? Well, I did, so you'll have to trust me ;)

Long story short, I searched and I searched and I found one but it didn't fit so I returned it and searched some more.

But that wouldn't make for a very interesting blog post...therefore, allow me to elaborate :) So long story long I was perusing three general websites looking for wooden round mirrors: Bed Bath and Beyond, Lowe's, and Target.

At BB&B my hear pitter-pattered for the Hollister Round Mirror:


Hollister Round Mirror   $99.99

But at $99 I became all "meh" about it. Plus it was only available online and not getting to see it in person before purchasing it made me steer away from this option even more.

Then I saw (and my heart again went pitter pat) the Round Wall Mirror from Target for 10 bucks less:

Round Wall Mirror $89.99

    Product Image

    THEN I stumbled upon the Allen + Roth Round Framed Mirror from Lowe's. It had me at Hello...

    Oh be still my hyper-speed beating heart! Would you just LOOK at those gorgeous "wormholes" and that distressed warm chestnut finish?! I was wrong, it didn't have me at hello. It had me at wormholes.
    Seriously, it's exactly what I wanted to go here:

    And as the cheapest option I'd seen, I was sold. So I bought it, hurried it home, couldn't WAIT to rip it out of the box (but I didn't actually rip the box - which, in a minute, you'll know why is a good thing) and get that baby up on the wall.

    It was a heavy sucker so hubby had to help lift it, and as we were hoising it up into place (with me grunting and making weird, "whoa this is heavier than I thought" noises) we quickly realized it was too large for the space. I'm talking a good 2-3 inches too large. Shoot.

    So back to Lowe's it went. And for weeks I didn't find an alternative that excited me until I saw an AWESOME mirror in a recent Young House Love post.

    (Picture from YHLsite here)

    Hmmm, I thought. That would do just fine. It's an oil rubbed bronze finish and they mentioned they got it from Target (how did I miss that in my original Target search?) AND that they snagged it with a super cheap $49.99 price tag (how did I miss THAT?!). Here it is:

    Oil Rubbed Bronze 26" Round Oil Rbd Brnz Cir - 26"    $49.99

    Product Image Oil Rubbed Bronze 26" Round Oil Rbd Brnz Cir - 26"
    And it was mine faster than you can say, "Hi nice cashier lady, I'd like to buy this mirror. That's everything, thanks. Here's my debit card. Okay, have a nice day!" :)

    She fits perfectly..."Like a glove!"

    Pay no attention to the cord thingy that pulls down the stairs to the attic :)

    It feels like it's been there it belongs with the house.


    And it's made the hallway seem wider and taller since it bounces around all kinds of light for a more open and airy feel.

    And here a few close-up photos that show the detailing and color a little better...

    Sorry for the yellowness of this next shot. There wasn't much natural light streaming into the hallway the cloudy morning I snapped these pics.


    The photo below is the view from just inside the bathroom door:

    So how bout it? Anyone been on the hunt for a particular mirror or other specific decor piece? Or find something only to have to return it for not working out? And isn't it hard to score exactly what you want but only for the price you're willing to pay? But it's certainly a rewarding feeling when you do! :)

    Happy Wednesday all!


    p.s. I'm working on painting and re-finishing a few furniture pieces now that the weather's back up in the 50s here in PA, so make sure you check back for posts on those - you won't wanna miss em! :)

    Partying here!

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    1. I absolutely LOVE that original mirrior purchase. I mean for real. It's B-E-A-Utiful!! I wish I Had somewhere to put it in my house. I want it. I need it. I may go break another miror jsut to haev an excuse to buy it. Squee!!

    2. That looks fantastic! It fits really, really well in that space. I've been looking for a similar one for my bedroom - off to Target to try to find it!

    3. Sarah -
      I know, right?! I l-o-v-e LOVED that mirror. I was trying to come up with a way to justify keeping it and putting it somewhere else in the house, haha :)

      Emily -
      Thanks and Happy Shopping! :)

    4. Thanks for stopping by my blog Amy! Just thought I'd let you know I updated my mirror post.

      Feel free to vote and help me make a decision!



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