Wednesday, February 15, 2012

To sleep, perchance to dream...

Hello there! If you remembered that I was stumped on how to hang the warn-wrapped letters I made for over the crib...

Then you may have guessed from my last post where we decided to use the 4th shelf we left out of our book ledge project.

That's right, we hung it above the crib...

And perched the letters on it! :)

LOVE! :)

It was the perfect happy accident/solution to my design dilemma.

And we made sure to hang it high enough that once our little guy can stand, it's not within his reach...especially when we change the mattress to the lower setting.

Now I can check one more item off the nursery's to-do list. It's almost done!!!!! :)

Oh, and the cost for this project was pretty minimal. Lumber aside (I estimated those costs in my last post), here's what the warn-wrapped letters cost to DIY:
5 large cardboard block letters (JoAnn Fabrics): $13.16
5 colors yarn (bought during buy one, get one half off deal): $13.58
Hot glue sticks: free (already had)

Total cost: $26.74

A custom art project that cost less than 30 smackers? I'm happy with that :)


  1. Cute!

    You know, I actually liked the P laying down. It looked like it was napping!

  2. Haha, you know, I hadn't thought of that but I like your 'napping' idea...maybe I will just lay the P back down! :) Thanks ECUTwinMama!

    1. I learned my lesson once before --- NEVER P LAYING DOWN


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