Friday, January 20, 2012

A Crib and a Craft

Hey all! Today I'm sharing the long-awaited crib and dresser post I've been promising! :) I'll show you pics from putting together the furniture pieces, along with a craft I completed for above the crib (that I mentioned in my last post.)

We ordered both the dresser  (by Sauder) and crib (by Childcraft) together from back in my first trimester. It shipped free (sweet!) and arrived pretty quick, so we put the dresser together almost immediately.

Here it is still in the box:

And a closeup of what it would look like once put together:

Unfornately it came in a bajillion parts :/

But the good news was I'd already put this dresser together (a separate one in a different finish) for our bedroom back in the summer, so I was pretty familiar with the process. We got to work:

And before we knew it, we had the frame up:

And then the drawers:

These pictures are just fast forwards of the process obvisously. The whole thing probably took us a total of 3 hours spread out over two evenings after work.

Then came the crib. Being a little superstitious we waited until my 2nd trimester to assemble it. :)

We took it out of the box and laid it out for assembly...

...And then didn't take any pictures of us putting it together, haha!

But here it is, along with the dresser, all set up in their spots along two of the nursery walls:

We have the changing pad all ready to go on top of the dresser :) and see the letters 'S' and 'L' up there on the crib? That's part of the craft I just finished and LOVE how it turned out!

You might remember in my last post when I showed you the curtain fabric that gave me the room's color inspiration?

And I had this pic of it with yarn laid on top:

Well here's what the yarn was for:

I bought large block letters to spell 'SLEEP' from JoAnn's and wrapped different colored thread around each letter. I started with L cuz I thought it looked like the easiest letter to start with, haha:

I hot glued the yarn to the exposed parts wrapping didn't cover up (like the underside and tops of the L), and before I knew it I had the 'S' done:

And then I used the baby blue, gray, and royal blue on the two 'E's and the 'P'...

...and VOILA! :)

It was a little tedious work doing all that wrapping, but at the same time I really enjoyed the repetition and rhythm I got into with was kind of soothing, haha.

Now that it's done, it sits on the back of the crib for now...

...until I figure out how I want to hang it on the wall, maybe between the first tan and second white stripes. And I don't know if I should hang it with more string from nails or glue picture hanging teeth on the back of each letter and hang them on nails, OR mount them to a large wooden board and then hang the board...decisions, decisions! :)

YAY! so excited to have the biggies like the crib and dresser/changing table ready and waiting for our little man!

Next time, I'll show you a little sumpin sumpin I've been working on for the wall above the chair rail over the dresser/changing table and this wall (that's the closet door, btw):

And see that little lamp on the table by the rocking chair? Here's a closeup:

That got a makeover and I'll fill you in on how it came to be the sharp looking white and lime lamp it is today :) Happy Friday everyone!!! :)

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