Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More Belly Bid-ness

So apparently Mike and I aren't the only ones excited about my growing belly.


Haha, Winston decided to use it as a pillow the other night while we were on the couch watching TV :)

I'm also excited to share something I created using my 5-month photo...I turned it into a silhouette :)


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I love it!

Then I pulled out a frame from my stash, spray painted it royal blue, and bought a panoramic style white mat...

...and I was going to use it in the nursery's gallery wall of other photos.

But this pic is extra special to me and I wanted it to have a spot of its own.

So, to the left of the window, I hung a small shelf I already had and set it up there along with a cute rubber zebra ($6 with a 40% off coupon at Michael's) and wooden giraffe (which I already had from my years of collecting giraffes):

And speaking of giraffes, I had this guy for quite some time too, but I felt he needed some sprucing up in the form of bold, blue paint:

Remember what he used to look like (below) when you saw his lower half in this post and he was sporting the first blue outfit I bought in this post?


Yep, now he's a glossy royal blue and sits under the silhouette (whose frame is spray painted the same color blue):

Ain't he quite the looker? haha. Very striking, indeed, if you ask me :)

So now that side/corner of the nursery looks like this:

And to think, only a few months ago it was looking like this!

Haha, it's hard to believe that is the same room.

I'm soooooo in love with how this room is turning out! And I'm getting more and more excited to bring our little man home to his very own space. It's the last day of January...which means it's February...which means he'll be here in about 4 months - I CAN'T WAIT people!! :)

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