Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nursery Book Ledges

Hello! I'm back today with some more nursery pics and ideas.

I'd like to have an area of the nursery that can hold the many books I plan to read to our little squirt before bedtime. But the room is on the small side (not tiny, but cozy) so a I think a bookshelf would take up too much valuable floor and visual space, and would make the room feel congested and cluttered.

So, as the title of today's post suggests, I'm envisioning building book ledges on this portion of the wall, to the right of the closet door:

 *Those spots on the wall are reflections from some things I just hung and will show you another time :)

I thought maybe I could get away with using that little stand you see sitting there under the chair rail, and keep books in a crate or basket. But the more I'm living with the stand there, the more cluttered it feels. It's just an awkward spot since it impedes a bit on the opening and closing of the drawers of the dresser it sits near.

In the words of Full House's Uncle Joey, I need to "Cut. It. Out."....of the picture. So I did...using my computer's Paint program :)

So to get some shelving ideas I was purusing Ana White's web site and found this simple, inexpensive, and cute-as-all-get-out solution! 

Ten Dollar Ledges

On the same site, I found the building plans and this AWESOME inspiration photo, with which I instantly fell in love:

Nursery Room Book Shelves from $10 Ledge Plan

Isn't that a GREAT idea for displaying kids books? It's visually appealing (like artwork), while being super functional since it doesn't take up floor space and makes it a snap for kids to easily find and pick out a particular book they're in the mood to read!

So I could simply (and afordably!) do the same treatment to this open wall:

I dabbled with the Paint program some more to help me see it before I complete it. I came up with 4 variations, but am having trouble deciding which I like best...

Variation 1 (a few shelves just above the chair rail): 

Variation 2 (extend the shelves below chair rail):

Variation 3 (shelves just above chair rail but extended right towards the corner):

And Variation 4 (shelves filling entire space above AND below chair rail):

Here's where I call out to you, my fine friends, for a little help...


I just don't know which version I should go with. If you could tell me in the comments section below which variation you like best it'll help me finally pull the trigger on buying the lumber and getting to work! :) Thank you in advance for taking time to vote!


  1. I vote for variation #1. Less is best :)

  2. I Vote for an option (2 or 4) where there are some lower shelves. That way Baby Storm will be able to clean up himself someday. Love the idea!


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