Tuesday, January 24, 2012

And The Award Goes To....

In light of this morning's announcement of this year's Academy Awards nominees, I thought I'd do my spin on some similar categories...Full disclosure, all my nominations are for a certain canine. Surprised? Nope, didn't think so :)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand here we go!

Best Film...on the front storm door:

Best Documentary...of what Winston does all day long:

Best Actor...pretending to look more bad-a$$ than he is:

Best Action:

Best Comedy:

Best Stoic Stare in Into the Abyss:

Best Actor in Playing it Sly:

Best Art Direction, Personal Space:

Best Nail-biter:

Best Visual Effects:

Best Royal Picture ("William and Kate who?"):

Best Drama:

Best Sound Mixing:

Best Suspense:

Best Profile:

 Best Actor in a Horror:

Best Actor in a Supporting Role:

Best Animation:

Best Costume Design:

Best Smile-Inducing Picture:

Okay, okay...that last category might've been made up :) but whaddya think? Do you agree with my nominations?

I think they're right on cue...pun intended ;)

Happy Tuesday all!


  1. Hilarious! They were all perfect. He's bound to steal the show!


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