Monday, March 5, 2012

Thinkin Spring

Well, it's March folks, and that means a couple of things:

1- only 12 more weeks til we get to meet our little man! (WOOOHOOOO!)
2- only 2 more weeks til the first day of Spring.
3- and only 1 more week til Daylight Savings time and we get longer, brighter days - YAAAAAAAAAY for daylight!

So cabin fever has officially kicked in and I'm ready for all things spring!! We've had a pretty mild winter which makes me feel like spring is already I'm going with it :)

I put together some green and white decor (my fav color scheme for the start of spring) and - said in a heavy Irish accent - some St. Patty's day flair to give our heritage a nod, to boot :)

Hanging in our living room is this old window I painted white and sprayed the glass panes in chalkboard paint. I gave it a St. Patty's day spin:

I stuck some faux green and white flowers in the vases I keep on either side of the TV. The right side has a blue glass Ball jar and ceramic birdie:

(We still have to hide the TV cable with a cord cover)

And the left side has the same, but with a ceramic No. 7 - my lucky number and the month and year of our first date :)

On my last run to the grocery store I was looking for some white luck. But I did find these purdy white lillies.

I brought em home, stuck em in a white pitcher I had, and put them on the dining room table...

...and then I had a photo shoot with them :)

Okay, okay. Sorry. I got carried away :) I just loooooove me a bouquet of fresh flowers and the good mood they always put me in.

Also in the dining room are some dried hydrangeas I've had hanging since last spring:

I never took em down cuz I like em so much :)

On our dining room hutch I put all my blue glass Ball jars in a row across the front:

These were my grandmothers and we used them as vases for center pieces at our wedding :)

Some faux green apples are displayed in a large glass jar in the kitchen, and with the flour jar sitting next to them, I just realized I accidentally created another green and white spring combo - yay for happy accidents! :)

I penned another St. Patty's Day message on our kitchen's chalkboard door.  And just now I had an "oh no!" moment when I looked up the spelling and realized I spelled Leprechaun wrong :(

I forgot the 'u'...oops!

Anywho, also in the kitchen there's a shelf where I have a few things displayed:

I found these cute numbered containers at Christmas Tree Shops a year or so ago. They display our house number (but obviously they've been edited so it doesn't show our real address) and I stuck some little white berry twigs inside each.

And last but not least, a little green birdie is perched atop a rattan storage basked in our finished (FINISHED!) rec room, of which I've taken some pics and will show you soon!! :)

As the season fully comes around I'll probably break out my faux forsythia branches and run with some yellows and other fun bright colors (maybe at Easter!) that always boost my mood.

Anyone else already fully committed to the season? I can't be the only one :)

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  1. Looking great! Love the spring colors and happy feeling. Very Purdy lillies! ;)

  2. Fully committed to the season? I dunno, but people are always saying I should be committed.

  3. I agree, Mike should have been committed a long time ago.


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