Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's Turkey Time!

Gobble, gobble! -that's turkey talk for 'Well hello there!' :)

The other day I finally turned my stacked fall pumpkins into turkeys. They went from this...

To this!

If you didn't see how I created the original stacked pumpkins, you can check that out here. :)

This cute little Thanksgiving day bird came together with only 4 cheap craft items from Michael's for under 12 bucks ($11.23 before tax, to be exact): Feathers, googly eyes, craft wood, and red balloons.

I took out the white pumpkin from the middle of the stack, and sat the top, small pumpkin on top of the end of a red balloon - which Google taught me today is a male turkey's wattle, used to attract females.

I also read that the bigger the wattle, the more attractive the male is to a female turkey ;) no joke! My turkey's wattle has got NUTHIN on this guys! :)

found here
 For the eyes, I dabbed a bit of quick-drying super glue on the back of 2 googly eyes (4 for the set of gobblers) and stuck them on just below the stem.

The beak is a wooden mini stake picket from the craft wood section in Michael's. A pack of 8 was only .29 and I only used two (more for next year!). Since the pumpkins are getting soft (I've had them out since September) I was able to just shove the beak right into the pumpkin 'head' no problem.

I bought four packs of multi-colored turkey quills (that's what they were actually called - perfect!) and stuck em in along the backside of the large, bottom pumpkin.

Here's the two of them, chillin on the porch on either side of our front door:

Anyone wanna come rake my leaves? :)

And here's a side-by-side before & after of them stacked, then turned into turkeys:

So that's how these little turkeys came to visit the Storm household, just in time for Thanksgiving :)

Hope your Turkey Day is full of family, friends, fun and good food!

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