Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Porch Pumpkins

I kept my front porch decorations for this Fall relatively simple. On the door, I hung a twig wreath with fall-colored flowers:

And on either side of the door I wanted to somehow re-use the plant urns (which I picked up for $10 each from Christmas Tree Shops) that were there during the summer (they were filled with red geraniums):

I'd seen an idea in magazines where flat cinderella pumpkins were stacked for some neat height and color variations, like this:

I bought our pumpkins at our local grocery store, which sadly only had regular round pumpkins, but they did have white and orange. So I picked up 2 large orange, 2 medium-sized white, 2 small orange and headed home to get stackin! :)

I left some dirt in the urns so that they were 3/4 full, then I sat a large orange pumpkin inside each of them. Next I stacked a medium white pumpkin on top of that and it looked like this:

To get the small pumpkin to sit securely at the top of the stack, I carved out a little notch at the bottom so it would sit over top of the white pumpkin's stem:

Then I plopped it on top, like so:
right stack
left stack

Tadda! Quick and easy fall decor. This could even be done for inside the home too.

The fact that my plant urns are white and the color stacking worked out to white, orange, white, orange was a happy accident too! :)

Here's a side-by-side before and after of the porch.

Now that Thanksgiving is a week away (and the white pumpkins are wilting since they've been out since Septmember and apparently don't hold up as well as the orange ones) I've got a little something up my sleeve for a Turkey Day design.

**Here's a hint: I was at Michael's earlier today and bought some feathers, googly eyes, wooden craft chips and red balloons. Any guesses?..... :)

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