Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Got mud?

Now that I've finally awakened from my turkey-induced hibernation, I'm excited to report the drywall in the rec room has been mudded. It's looking more and more like a real room again, folks! :)


Here's one of the recessed lights installed:

They're all on dimmers:

Here's the laundry closet and bathroom coming along:

And does anyone know what this picture means? Drumroll please.............


I had used the green painters tape to be able to visualize a doorway around the old window when it used to look like this:

Now, we'll be able to get to the rec room through the living room instead of having to go through three other rooms around the rest of the house (check out this post with the old layout diagram).

Here, the edges look rough, but after our contractor worked his magic it looks much better now (knocking down doorways is beyond our scope of DIY knowledge :/ ). I'll share updated pics of the doorway soon! :)

And to keep Winston from jumping off the landing through the new doorway (there's about a 2-3 foot drop where stairs need to be built), we use this piece of cardboard as a deflection. Surprisingly, it works, haha.

Next up: Closet doors and choosing tile! :)

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