Monday, November 14, 2011

DIY Demo

YOWZA! It's been over a month since my last post!

You'll forgive me of course when you see why I've been MIA:

That's right, as mentioned in this post waaaay back in the summer, we finally started work on the rec room on the first floor of our house.

The days of my cute rec room looking like this...

Are gone...they now look like this:

But that's A-OK! cuz now we've completed the hardest part of the job in order to properly insulate the walls, add heating/cooling ducts/vents to the room (it previously had NONE!) and make it more functional with a pass-through from the living room and a utility room complete with washer/dryer and a half bath.

Here are some more awesome pics from Demo Day :)

Tearing out the bookcase

bookcase and paneling torn out

Trim removed

No-good insulation

tearing out old closet and powder room
 We went to town tearing out all the wood paneling, which was really hard. It was installed with MEEELLIONS of crazy-long nails.

Around the old, single pane windows we discovered gaps, confirming our suspicions of just how inefficent the windows and this drafty room were:

And under one leaky window, we discovered a bit of water damage/mold starting:

Here are some half-way shots from different angles of the room with the paneling removed:

After that, we took out all the old insulation and Mike had the task of tearing down the beadboard ceiling and the beams above it:

In this better angle below, you can tell how much higher the true ceiling is above the dropped ceiling where the beadboard was. We're rasing the ceiling to the original height to allow this small room to feel bigger.

Next up: New electrical, french doors, and a new doorway.....CAN'T WAIT!!!

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