Friday, September 2, 2011


Well Hello there! Greetings from Hawaii!

Haha, JK!!! :) I WISH I was in Hawaii...instead, the above photo is from our garage sale last weekend held at my in-law's house in Mechanicsburg.

In that photo I'm standing next to this:

Which is the after photo (I never showed you until now) of these before pictures of the table and chairs I posted here and here:

And guess what...It's S-O-L-D baby! Yeah! Woohoo! Alright, alright! Can you tell I'm barely excited? :)

It feels good to have turned a beast into a beauty, and have it appreciated by the person who bought it. Not to mention, having the free space in the garage feels pretty darn good too!!!! ;)

Oh happy times!

Have a great weekend! :)

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